Chainlink (LINK) has performed brilliantly so far this year and owners of the digital asset have experienced massive gains over the past months. Chainlink (LINK) has a definite use case and was developed to help in the interaction between smart contracts and data.

The cryptocurrency market is back with a bang in 2019, after having gone through a disappointing 2018. The rally has been led by the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and due to its rally; many other cryptocurrencies like Chainlink have also experienced a massive upsurge.

Chainlink Jumps 50% In A Week

Over the past three months, LINK has surged by as much as 54% but even the short-range surge has been nothing short of dramatic. Over the past week, it has gained 50% and 150% over the course of the month. During the massive crypto bull run back in 2017-18, Chainlink reached its all-time high of $1.44.

At the time of writing, Chainlink is trading higher by 9.66% at $1.26 with a volume of $105.424 million USD over the past 24-hour. LINK has a market capitalization of $455.31 million.

Chainlink (LINK)

It is also important to point out the Chainlink is a project that has a genuine real-world use case and its surge is not merely because of the upsurge in the wider crypto market. It is believed that the token could bring smart contract technology to the mainstream and open up a huge opportunity.

Additionally, the person behind the token, Sergey Nazarov, is a highly respected figure in this sphere and that definitely bodes well for the future of Chainlink. Moreover, there is a consensus among many crypto traders that Chainlink has the potential to grow exponentially in the near future and break into the top 10 crypto projects. If that happens, then it could create enormous wealth for those who got in early.

Chainlink has also completed signing a new partnership that could further open up new opportunities for crypto traders in the medium term.

Collaboration With Hedera Hashgraph

On 9 May, they signed a deal with Hedera Hashgraph, which is a decentralized ledger in its own right. Chainlink’s Oracles and Hedera’s smart contracts solutions seem to be a perfect partnership. It is also important to add that the Hedera Hashgraph ledge is primed to be used by enterprises and if that happens, then it could affect the price of the Chainlink token as well. Sign Up Below to Follow Chainlink and Other Breaking Cryptos.

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