WeWork, the American shared work space pioneer, gives access to premier office spaces while generating profits from turning one floor in an office building into open working space for multiple entrepreneurs or small businesses. The beauty of WeWork is access to luxurious work spaces without the heft of a lease.

Comparably, Jointer, can tokenize an unlimited number of properties at once, while giving everyone access to the commercial real estate market by generating profits from purchasing and selling property performance.

It is essentially where the democratized sharing economy meets real estate investment.

Currently, Jointer has raised $2.5 million and won an award for the best startup in the world from Jay Patel’s Edge196 competition crowning them champion amongst 4,000 startups across 196 countries. They have invested those prestigious funds towards creating a platform powerful enough to support a $1.5 billion offer on the Chrysler Building, which Jointer would have immediately tokenized, if the process wasn’t so problematic and secretive.

The company’s proprietary technology directly addresses the restrictive access currently surrounding real estate tokenization. Currently, only investors that can afford $500,000 minimums and are accredited investors can participate in the lucrative tokenization opportunities produced by real estate assets.

Currently, ultra-high minimums on tokenized real estate assets are only attainable for the wealthiest of investors as token prices are sky high. Jointer is looking to subvert this aristocratic structure by making real estate tokenized assets available to all investors. This powerful turn of the tables would open commercial real estate investing up to main street investors everywhere.

Jointer will accomplish this by listing tokens for $1. This means for the first time ever, any type of investor will be able to own lucrative commercial real estate assets for as little as a buck.

With removed limitations and wide access, Jointer’s debt tokens will instantly provide owners cash in return for tokenizing free equity in their property.

Jointer’s process is simple and scalable:

  • Jointer identifies lucrative properties using an AI and deep underwriting approval process conducted by CCIM underwriters
  • Jointer purchases some of the free equity from those properties but keeps the current sponsor in place
  • At the same time, Jointer issues digital debt notes (via security tokens) to borrow funds from lenders
  • Lenders receive cross-collateral from all the income streams of all the properties (including the equities themselves) and Jointer as a company

As alluded to above, Jointer (JNTR) tokens are venture debt tokens backed by cross collateral generating an interest rate pegged to national commercial real estate market performance. This means investors receive cross collateral in the form of company shares, tokenized property equity, and the income reserves of those properties.

Compared to current solutions, Jointer provides investors better returns, instant investment, and less risk. Further, Jointer’s business model and ability to scale parallels how WeWork was able to become a billion dollar company, quickly.

Jointer’s team includes the Former Chair of the SEC, Found of Visa, Father of the JOBS Act and Vice Chairman of the Nasdaq, Nobel Prize Winners, and the former CFO of Yahoo. You can learn more about the future of commercial real estate investing at jointer.io

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