The Ontology (ONT) team announced on Medium the latest partnership with award-winning game developers, ParityGame. The coin is rallying by more than 20% at the time of writing.

The partnership will see ParityGame and Ontology co-develop the maiden VR- blockchain based game, “The Isolated City” that has since garnered over a million views on the BiliBili video gaming social.

Here is a snippet from the release:

“As one of the world’s first batch of blockchain game publishers, ParityGame already has more than 30 H5 mini-games and cooperates with over 20 Steam overseas game developers. ParityGame will also move many of their games to the Ontology blockchain. Seven H5 mini-games are also scheduled to be launched on the Ontology blockchain.”

The two plan to integrate blockchain based gaming assets and collectibles on decentralized marketplaces. This increases the overall interaction between peers and the game as well.

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If readers are not familiar, the Ontology platform has two native tokens i.e. the ONT and ONG tokens. The functionality of the two tokens is different.

The ONT token gives its holders a voice while making decisions on issues affecting the Ontology network. Its holders also receive Ontology Gas (ONG) tokens which are system generated. ONG will be used to power the execution of smart contracts, network storage, among other utilities on the platform.

Before the end of this year, the Ontology team seeks to expand its focus from just optimizing the recently launched main chain to also focus on the ONT ID-based trust application system.  The system aims to help individuals and businesses to create a digital identity on the ONT blockchain.

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