Pundi X (NPXS) is climbing fast against a sea of red. NPXS is starting to get more and more attention as details come out about their blockchain phone and it capabilities.

Pundi X (NPXS) is trading at the 42nd spot and in the last 24 hours, it has surged up to 20%. Last look, NPXS was trading with a price of $0.00065 USD with a market cap of $110 million and a trading volume of $37 million.

The Pundi X team showcased the prototype Xphone at CES. Although it can be used as an ordinary Android smartphone, it also comes with a blockchain mode, which uses the Pundi X blockchain for encrypted calls and texts.

The phone can operate in normal Android mode, but swipe to the side and you’re in “Blockchain mode,” which uses Pundi X’s distributed ledger to make end-to-end encrypted calls and texts to other XPhones. The devices’ individual blockchains don’t hold the entire ledger; rather, the phones act as nodes on the network and request other information from other trusted nodes. Pundi X’s blockchain-based network creates an encrypted mini-internet within the internet, Leblanc explained; the phones find each other using addresses stored in their blockchains.

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“CES is the perfect place for us to showcase our blockchain tech via the XPOS, XPASS card, XWallet app, and the XPhone Prototype as examples of how blockchain is already changing the ways in which we spend, share and communicate.”

Pundi X has been pretty impressive and has gained a lot of momentum. Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum are almost trading at an average loss of –5%. Whereas, NPXS in the last seven days has gained up to 50%, which is quite huge as compared to rest of the market.


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