Verge (XVG)

Why Pornhub’s Integration of Verge (XVG) is Huge for All of Crypto

Verge (XVG) - Verge is up 16% today as the coin is set to go live on Bitfinex today. The privacy coin has most notably...
Amazon Bitcoin

Amazon to Enter Bitcoin Through Data Streaming Patent

Bitcoin (BTC)--On Wednesday, Amazon Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of the online commerce giant Amazon, broke waves in the crypto space by securing a patent...

Why is Factom (FCT) Rallying in the Middle of the Crypto...

Factom (FCT) has been bucking the bearish market and steadily trekking. What is going on? Just to chart the coin's progress, in November, when the...



Waves (WAVES) is Rallying on New Mobile Wallet Growth

Waves (WAVES) has bucked the bear market trend and has rallied progressively over this week and last. The company's mobile wallet is gaining traction,...

IOTA Could Decentralize Earlier Than Expected

IOTA (MIOTA) has a unique setup as a centralized crypto coin as the foundation has a coordinator node. Now, MIOTA will be working to...

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