Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin ETF Handcuffed by Uncertainty in the Market

A Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is considered by many to be Bitcoin’s first step into true institutional investment. An ETF represents some asset...

Waves (WAVES) Gets an Extra Boost on Future Dapp Funding

Waves (WAVES), a promising blockchain ecosystem, is going to put a large investment in its apps ecosystem and the stock seems be driving higher...

Vechain (VET) and its Secret Project Might Have Staying Power

Vechain (VET) is one of the altcoins bucking the market trend right now. Usually, these moments of upward buoyancy can't sustain the pressure, but...



Why Augur (REP) Flew More than 50% Yesterday

The native token of the Augur prediction market – REP – has surged across all exchanges since reaching a low of around USD 5.60 per token...

Cardano (ADA) a Coin to Watch as Security Becomes a Key...

Cardano (ADA) the 11th ranked cryptocurrency has seen some gains as many other coins across the market have stumbled. ADA's bounce may be driven by...

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