Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) stock is currently pricing at roughly $4.70. Our analysis shows that the stock is widely covered by equity research firms, and target prices are revealing. From a summary standpoint, we track the median one-year price target among 10 analysts covering the company at $5.75. That suggests shares of the stock may have another 18 percent to the upside left to run. Of those analysts we surveyed, the highest price target on recordsits at $7.00, which would imply another 51 percent in upside potential. If we look for a little more qualitative data on the range of expectations, we find in analyst notes that the stock has 2 “Buy” ratings in place. At the same time, 1 rate the stock a “strong buy”, suggesting more conviction in the story. As for the doubters, 6 equity research analyst firms call this stock a “Hold” and 0 consider it bad enough to warrant a “Sell” rating.

Analysts at Jefferies took a look at AVP shares in a research note released on Jun 03, 2016, and issued a Buy rating to this company. Piper Jaffray analysts provided their own take on company recently as well. In a research note published on Apr 12, 2016,the house assigned a Neutral rating to this stock. According to a piece that hit the wires on Jan 22, 2016, researchers at Piper Jaffray reconsidered their prior rating on the stock, and upped it from Neutral Perform to Overweight.

Avon Products, Inc. (AVP) Cap Table Analysis

Breaking down the capitalization table is our next goal. From a bird’s eye view, Executives hold 0.63 percent of the stock.

If we take a more granular look, Sherilyn S. McCoy is one of the largest owners in company capital stock among insiders. According to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, this investor owns 637,439 shares, representing a total current market value of roughly $2995963.3. James Scully is another major player among company insiders, currently holding 395,191 shares as of less than 0.1%, carrying a current market value of $1857397.7. Andrea Jung is currently ranked as the number three insider in terms of representation on the cap table for the stock, holding 265,229 shares, valued at around $1246576.3 as of recent close.

We noted a few insider transactions for the stock recently as well.

In a transaction on 2017-03-15, the company’s Executive Vice President Acosta Fernando sold 77,154 company shares for 333310. That means, once accounting for this transaction, the Executive Vice President is left with a stake of 162,353 shares, carrying a current total market value of $763059. In addition, by means of a transaction dated 2017-02-23, EVP, COO Scully James S purchased 150,000 shares worth $655500. After that transaction, this investor is left with a total holding of 292,241 shares, representing a total investment value of $1373532.7. We also noted a 2016-12-30 transaction in which AVP Executive Vice President Acosta Fernando sold 85,198 shares at a stock price of $5.06, carrying a total value of $431100, after which, this insider’s investment stands at 139,331 shares, with an overall financial value of $654856.

Avon Products, Inc. (NYSE:AVP) Earnings View 

In the company’s last quarter, AVP EPS moved to $0.01 from $0.02 compared sequentially with the prior quarter. Revenues for the company came in at $1.57BM. This stacks up against $1.41BM, on a sequential basis.

How does this compare with bottom and top-line expectations? Well, according to what we could find, analysts had been looking for the company to post net income of about $0.09 per share on $1.61BM in revenue. That sets up an interesting next quarter report card. We would note that analysts seem to be projecting earnings, on average, for this quarter in the range of $0.05 to $0.12. On a year-over-year basis, that compares with an EPS comp of $-0.07.