TRON (TRX)–In June, following the launch of TRON’s Main Net platform, the coin celebrated its Independence Day. In addition to being a well-manicured marketing stunt, the day marked the official creation of the TRX genesis block, where TRON made the migration from its ERC-20 token roots to an individual public blockchain.

Justin Sun Teases Secret Announcement

Founder Justin Sun, speaking in a livestream event to commemorate the day, made several statements that left TRON investors and enthusiasts intrigued. To begin, he congratulated the developers and team members of the TRON Foundation for their poignancy in meeting deadlines and achieving the goals outlined ahead of schedule. In the inherently flaky state of cryptocurrency, where delays are a regular occurrence and projects routinely fail to keep with promises or deliver features on time, Sun has a right to call attention to the efforts of the TRON Foundation. From the launch of the Exodus test net (the precursor to Main Net) to meeting the deadline of TRON’s public blockchain kickoff, the team has been characteristically prompt in achieving goals despite allegations of white paper plagiarism.

In addition to praising his team, Sun also gave more details on the next iteration of TRON’s Virtual Machine, a tool to assist developers in public blockchain creation. However, it was the following announcement that brought the most excitement. Speaking of the next milestone for TRON development, Sun pegged July 30th as a key date for the reveal of a ‘secret project,’

“I think one of the most important values of Tron is we delivering our products and mission on time. So as you see, we delivered our testnet on the March 31st, our mainnet on may 31st, and officially are launching our mainnet on June 25th. The next very important milestone is July 30th- we will deliver our official virtual machine. All the decentralised exchanges and applications on the Tron platform are plugged into the Tron ecosystem. July 30th we will launch one of our secret projects”

While some had assumed the next milestone for TRON development was an update to the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), which developers have called a “cornerstone of the TRON ecosystem,” Sun made a point to differentiate between the two. The alpha version of TVM was launched back in May, just weeks ahead of TRON’s Independence Day, as a tool for coin creation on Main Net. TVM allows for the simplistic creation of blockchains, providing developers tools to experiment with everything from new tokens on the TRON platform (thereby adding to the TRX coin burn), or implementing smart contracts.

BitTorrent Coming to TRON?

The betting favorite for the reveal of Sun’s secret project is related to his purchase of BitTorrent that was covered in the first half of the year. Justin Sun spent $140 million to purchase the world’s most popular torrenting company, including access to the 170 million users of its products. While Sun has yet to comment upon his intention, or lack thereof, to combine the recently acquired BitTorrent and his $2.2 billion cryptocurrency, community members are speculating that the news could be coming as early as next week. Sun’s silence on the matter thus far, not even hinting at his plan for BitTorrent despite the obvious connection to TRON’s Main Net platform, has provided more fuel for a coming announcement.

In addition, the currency looks to capitalize on the rising price of Bitcoin to spur more investment and user interest in the currency, in addition to giving users a legitimate reason to participate on the TRX-backed network. TRON already announced partnerships with several adult websites earlier in the month, and has an ongoing relationship with Torrenting, or file sharing in general, could become another cornerstone of TRON application.