Nebulas (NAS) is rallying up 12.79% compared to USD over the last 24 hours. NAS has a current market cap of $89,856,082 with a volume of$12,506,874. The public blockchain company (the Global Public Chain Evaluation via CCID Research recently ranked Nebulas as one of the best blockchain projects) has inked some interesting partnerships to start the Fall.

First, they partnered with WeOne (CKR), an eSports blockchain tournament platform, to promote a mainnet development to nurture eSports growth. According to the company blog:

“The official NAS-CKR partnership will help build bridges across different industries to further facilitate the growth of the wider esports industry. Its inclusion as a competitive activity at the 2022 Asian Games has created a massive opportunity for collaboration and growth within the esports sector.” 

The Nebulas Council also has a project ongoing with Atlas Protocol (ATP), an incubated project by Nebulabs and XGBA — a blockchain alliance of xGooglers’. The goal is to define a new pattern of interactive advertising marketing on chain, and building a blockchain interactive advertising traffic alliance. The smartdrop is coming up on October 15th for community members.

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The Nebulas Nova mainnet was launched first in Q2 2018, same time when the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper was published. Since the first one was launched in March 2018, it has stood steady for over 6 months, enduring heavy uses as well as a series of tests. Currently, Eagle Nebula boasts 240,000 accounts, 6,800 DApps, and 11,000 smart contracts, exceeding the number of smart contracts by double and dApps by triple on the Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore, NAS announced the release of Nova v.2.0, an upgrade of its own mainnet, saying that the product will launch in the fourth quarter of this year. The new mainnet will incorporate performance improvements, which include rewards for community members and developers, Developer Incentive Protocol, and a mechanism for universal value ranking.