Ravencoin (RVN) has exploded over 300% since being added to Binance. RVN has even jumped 49% over the last 24-hours. This Game of Thrones-inspired coin is built from a X16R mining algorithm and a UTXO [19] model of bitcoin built for P2P asset transfers.

RVN is free and open-source and allows for users to communicate with a secure messaging channel – hence the reference to the messenger ravens in GOT – and also allows for voting in protocol decisions. While this isn’t a new innovation by any means, the team behind this ambitious project seems to have taken a novel approach to token-centric blockchains. The whitepaper notes:

Assets created on the Ravencoin (RVN) protocol have several advantages: they are easier to use, tightly integrated with a native coin, and secured with fair POW mining and open source code not run by a centralized organization.

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Also, the coin had no ICO.

This was one of the reasons Binance out them on the platform without a listing fee.

Following the release of this surprising development for the project, which was forked off of Bitcoin in January 2018, RVN saw a colossal surge in buying pressure. Some blamed this influx of hype on the kind words CZ said regarding the project, but still, the bottom line is that Ravencoin saw a strong move to the upside.

Furthermore, the coin is partially funded by Overstock’s CEO Patrick Byrne.

“We think this coin actually has quite a future… It’s about – it’s bitcoin, but a thousand times more energy efficient, and there are other real interesting virtues to it.”