Eternal Token (XET) is a coin that we wrote about recently as an altcoin with potential. XET has ripped off impressive gains ranging in 300% to even 600%. At first, XET looked like a pump and dump causing many seasoned traders to stay away, but its continued push and visibility are bring those veterans back.

The growth for Eternal Token (XET) hinges currently on two markets: Asia and Africa. The Philippines are the main hub for XET right now through their deal with Eternal Wallet PH Holding Inc. and it could have practical applications if users increase.

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Eternal Coin’s main feature is not just being a virtual currency. Eternal Coin is an integral part of Eternal Wallet which enables transerring currency via phone number. The Eternal Wallet allows users to convert their local fiat currencies into the fiat currencies used by the receiving parties through Eternal Coin and transmit money to the wallets of the receiving parties with a touch of a button.

Here are the company’s believed advantages of XET:

Through Eternal Project, Atom Solutions can accelerate the speed at which the use of Eternal Coin and Eternal Wallet spreads globally, by utilizing the strengths and infrastructures of various corporations and individuals from around the world, and can also enhance the UI design of the wallet rapidly and progressively.

According to the whitepaper, the aim of Eternal Token is to provide a cross-border payment solution backed by a centralized company in charge of building infrastructure for payment settlement purposes and virtual-to-fiat exchanges. Bridging the gap between fintech and virtual currency will be a big challenge, and it remains to be seen how this project aims to stand out from its competitors moving forward.