This is a series focusing on lesser known coins that have interesting value opportunities.

Cobinhood (COB) is a cryptocurrency exchange with no fees. The company recently launched a testnet and traders of the coin associated with the exchange reacted positively sending the price jumping, which in turn caught our attention.

As stated above, COB is a cryptocurrency service platform for the modern era. It was created with the average institutional and retail investor and trader in mind. As the world’s first zero fee (read: FREE) high frequency cryptocurrency exchange, it aims to maximize return on investment for all customers. COBINHOOD also offers ICO underwriting services.

According to the company:

“COBINHOOD eliminates all of that so that investors and traders can get the best and most profitable executions and maximize their market liquidity. Customers aren’t charged anything for spot trading or margin trading, period. COBINHOOD currently supports the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCC, ETH, ETC, LTC, ZEC, XMR, XRP, COB, NEO, OMG, USDT, DASH, IOTA, EOS, REP, and GNT.”

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To offer the zero fee transactions, the exchange charges for margin loans, ICO fees, and other subscription features.

To deposit and withdraw funds on the exchange, a user has to go through a strict verification process. Once a user signs up, they can pick the level of verification to get past various limits. While anyone can sign up, there are certain places where there may be limited or no access. This could be due to regulatory issues.

The exchange actively works to reach the entire world. Popo Chen, the CEO of this exchange is just 27 years old. He skipped a year of high school to join the National Taiwan University.