How to Trade Shooting Star Candlestick Patterns 


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Trading with Shooting Star Candlesticks: Main Talking Points

Japanese candlesticks are a well-liked charting method utilized by many merchants, and the capturing star candle isn’t any exception. This article will cowl the capturing star reversal sample in depth and the way to use it to trade foreign exchange.

  • What is a capturing star candlestick sample? 
  • Advantages of utilizing the capturing star in technical analysis   
  • Trading the capturing star sample  
  • Further studying on how to trade with Candlesticks  

What is a capturing star candlestick sample?

A capturing star formation is a bearish reversal sample that consists of only one candle. It is fashioned when the worth is pushed larger and instantly rejected decrease in order that it leaves behind a protracted wick to the upside. The lengthy wick ought to take up at the very least half of the full size of the capturing star candle – see picture under.

shooting star candlestick pattern

Additionally, the closing worth must be close to the low of the candle. As you possibly can see, this creates an general bearish construction as a result of costs have been unable to maintain their larger trade.

An analogous construction is noticed with the Inverted Hammer sample nonetheless, the Inverted Hammer relates to a bullish reversal sign as opposed to a bearish reversal sign. This candlestick sample is usually revealed on the backside of a downtrend, assist stage or pullback.

It is usually questioned in regards to the distinction between a capturing star formation on a foreign exchange pair, stock or commodity. There isn’t any variance between the completely different monetary market sorts. A capturing star candlestick sample will supply the identical sign/s whatever the instrument.

Advantages of utilizing the capturing star in technical analysis

The capturing star sample is a good instrument for novice technical merchants due to its simplicity. Spotting a possible capturing star candle is straight ahead if merchants adhere to the sample description as defined above.

The candle sample by itself will generally be flawed. However, if the sample seems close to a resistance stage or development line, then the capturing star can add affirmation to the brand new bearish bias. This is as a result of a single candle is just not extraordinarily essential within the general development or market motion.

Risk administration is vital to incorporate when utilizing this candlestick sample. This gives the dealer with a ‘safety net’ ought to the market transfer negatively.

Benefits of the Shooting Star candlestick sample:

  • Easy to determine
  • Reasonably dependable if all standards are met
  • Suitable for however not restricted to novice merchants

Limitations of the Shooting Star candlestick sample:

  • Shooting Star candle doesn’t dependably outline a brief trade
  • Confirmation is required – additional technical/basic justification

Trading the capturing star  sample

EUR/USD Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern:

EUR/USD shooting star pattern

Trading this reversal sample is pretty easy. First, the implication is for decrease costs due to this fact we would like to search for entries to quick. Since the costs have been beforehand rejected on the excessive of the capturing star, we are going to look to set up the cease loss on the current swing excessive (pink horizontal line on the chart).

A dealer might merely enter on the open of the following candle or, if the dealer was extra conservative and needed to seize a greater risk-to-reward ratio, trade the retest of the wick (black dashed line). Retests of the wick have a tendency to happen when the wick is longer than regular.

Often costs will come again and retrace upward a portion of the lengthy wick.  A dealer recognizing this may wait to enter across the center of the wick reasonably than enter instantly after the capturing star candle types. This means the dealer is coming into a brief trade at the next worth and with a tighter cease loss lowering danger. Regardless of the entry mechanism, the cease loss will stay the identical.

Regarding revenue targets (blue line), DailyFX communicates taking revenue at the very least twice the space of the cease loss. So, if the cease loss is 90 pips away from the opening stage, then search for at the very least 180 pips of revenue potential. This generally refers to a 1:2 risk-to-reward ratio which falls consistent with the Traits of Successful Traders analysis.

Further studying on how to trade with Candlesticks

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