Mitek Systems: An Undervalued Player In Identity Verification Market


Wiphop Sathawirawong/iStock through Getty Images

The want for safe and dependable id verification options has change into paramount in immediately’s digital age. With the fast rise of on-line transactions, digital providers and distant interactions, the significance of verifying the identities of people and

Mitek's underperformance

Mitek’s underperformance (Koyfin)

Identity Verification Market size

Identity Verification Market measurement (Mitek Investor)

Mitek Flywheel

Mitek Flywheel (Mitek Investor Presentation)

Mitek Per share growth

Mitek Per share development (Koyfin)

Mitek Margin improvement

Mitek Margin enchancment (Koyfin)

Mitek Capital Return Profile

Mitek Capital Return Profile (Koyfin)

Mitek valuation multiples

Mitek valuation multiples (Koyfin)

Mitek Inverse DCF Model

Mitek Inverse DCF Model (Authors Model)

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