Early July this year, 360 Blockchain Inc. expressed its interest to purchase BlockchainRanker and ICORanker. On July 25, 2018, they announced that they had sealed the agreement phase with the respective parties.

360 Blockchain Inc. is an organization with a reputation for investing in Blockchain-based projects. The move to acquire these platforms was to consolidate and provide crucial information on Blockchain infrastructure and initial coin offerings.

According to Jeff Koyen, an advisor at 360 Blockchain Inc. this acquisition is about moving in the right direction to establish accurate data on ICOs.

He further expounded the issue by asserting, “The token sale ecosystem has a bright future.” This move will propel the company to the next level via profitability and efficiency.

For many years, Blockchain-technology has helped entrepreneurs to build businesses by providing experience and creating value.

Koyen could not hide his excitement after this move, because he believed that combining skills and resources from all the three organizations would be used to achieve a common goal.

Despite the change in ownership, Chad Kettering and Armando Pantoja, co-founders of ICORanker have vowed they will closely work with 360 Blockchain Inc to ensure continuation of service to ICORanker’s clients and advertisers.

Koyen pointed out that after integrating ICORanker into the Blockchain 360 family, the next company on the list will be BlockchainRanker, which will happen sometimes later in the year. The software is crucial for information to Blockchain infrastructure, and this will be a wide leap for 360 Blockchain. According to a report released by Koyen, measures are in place to ensure that this company also will be managed accordingly.

In a report generated by the company, 360 Blockchain Inc. still owes $250,000 worth of restricted shares and that will be accordingly be distributed to the proprietors of ICORanker.

The news have been received with much excitement by the shareholders of 360 Blockchain as they feel that the move is a step towards increasing the share value. To users, this step will improve the quality and credibility of the information offered on this platform.

About 360 Blockchain Inc: 360 Blockchain Inc. is a company that deals blockchain-based ranking and development of applications for private and public blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, cryptocurrency, cryptographic security, and decentralized data management. It’s headquarters are situated in Vancouver, Canada, and was incorporated in 2009, initially known as 360 Capital Financial Services Group Inc. but changed the name in 2017.

About Quant Index: Quant Index is a company that buys, sells and invests in emerging technologies including blockchain and artificial intelligence. It’s headquarters are situated in Tampa, Florida and was incorporated in 2017.

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