Crypto Instagram Influencer and industry leader Armando Pantoja seems very optimistic that Ethereum will strongly rebound in the near future. Despite the negative sentiment, he confidently states that by the end of the year 2019, the trend will go up to $1,900. Although the market declined significantly, Pantoja has remained optimistic and believed that the price would not decline much more as it currently stabilizing.

BTC is heading towards $1.5k

Bloomberg analysts forecast on BTC value falling to $1500 is currently seeming unrealistic and not materializing.

Block-chain will become obsolete

The online publication geopolitical analysts, George Friedman, believes that technology is just another fad and that one day, the block-chain technology will be outdated. Although Friedman was not specific on time span, this technology seems far from being obsolete by late 2018. There is mass adoption of this technology globally, and various governments continue to test blockchain technology in various areas.

BTC will hit 500k in three years.

John McAfee, a crypto enthusiast and a cybersecurity ledged seems very confident in his prediction. He strongly believes that BTC value will not only hit $500, 000 mark in 3 year time but will rise to $1,000,000 based on his recent Twitter post.

The prediction that came true

Ari Paul prediction was accurate. He managed to predict Bitcoin Cash hard fork that took place on November 2018. It took a harsh war that led to the massive split of the coin resulting in BCH SV and BCH ABC.

Reggie Brown BTC EFT position

The above head of exchange-traded funds and a senior managing director was right when he stated that BTC EFT would not be certified anytime soon. The community was requested by Hester Pierce not to continue waiting for BTC ETF because the exchange commissions (SEC) and the United States Security commissioner approved Brown claims.

The bright future

Joseph Lubin, the core founder of Ethereum finally made his positive prediction. He claims that the sky is not falling and the coin price value is likely to rise in the near future

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