Mitsubishi Corporation donated a classroom to the agricultural school of Realicó (La Pampa) of the Sociedad Rural Argentina Foundation, within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the SRA and the company.

This week the classroom was inaugurated and the event was led by the presidents of the Argentine Rural Society, Luis Miguel Etchevehere and Mitsubishi Argentina, Hiroaki Ito.

“” We value that a company like Mitsubishi is committed to supporting this educational entity so that it can collaborate with the training task, “said Etchevehere, who showed his enthusiasm for sharing the progress in the school with the entire educational community.

Addressing the students said that “our pride is that you are formed and can be realized as people.”

Hiroaki Ito emphasized the role of Argentina as a producer and exporter of food in the world: “Japan is a very small island, an eighth of what is Argentina on the surface, with 60% of mountains. Most of the food we consume, “said the president of Mitsubishi Argentina.

He spoke to the students and said that “you, with the learning task you are doing, will feed millions of people.” We believe that Argentina has a great future in agricultural production. Remember the connection you have with the world. “.

“It is very important to be able to make a contribution to the institution. It is the first of an alliance that we celebrate with the SRA today,” he added.

Also attending the opening ceremony were Enrique Bencich, President of the SRA Foundation; Fernando Canosa, Director of Education of SRA and the directors of the entity, Adela Nores, and Mariano López Alduncin; The general manager of Mitsubishi Argentina, Silvia Bonsignori, school authorities, students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

The agricultural school of Realicó is located in the geographic center of the country, was founded in 1971 and is mixed.

It has capacity to accommodate 145 students, since they attend young people from different provinces of the country.

Currently, there are students from La Pampa, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Río Negro and San Luis; 95% of them live during the internship and this year, 25% more students enrolled in school than in 2016.

The students graduate as technicians in agricultural production, which gives them the opportunity to continue their university studies, to be inserted in the labor field through the system of internships in companies of the agricultural sector.

The school, located on national route 35, at kilometer 488, has a space for the development of practical activities, dining room, recreation room, library, laboratory and pavilions for the teaching of agribusiness.

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