And still, it is nothing if we compare it to the gains it has already received since the time when Donald Trump was elected the next president of the USA.

Asian broadest index MSCI outside Japan lost 1.2 percent this morning, and with the help of weak yen, Nikkei has received 0.1 percent on today’s market.

Meanwhile, spread betters have already predicted the weaker opening for the European markets. They expect that British FTSE will lose 0.2 percent right after the beginning of work. As for the German DAX, it will lose 0.1 percent, according to analysts.

Industrial index Dow Jones yesterday showed the loss in 0.6 percent, together with Nasdaq, that lost 0.5 percent, and S&P 500 that lost 0.81 percent.

Stocks still on the high demand as there are a lot of speculations about Donald Trump and his Cabinet. Investors believe that he may cut the taxes and raise the spending on infrastructure.

The prices on the crude oil finally begin to stabilize, as the market began to accept the fact that OPEC members will cut the output, and they are going to keep their world. The same expectations investors have for Russia that agreed on those terms.

Crude oil from Brent was sold for 53.89 dollars per one barrel, cutting the gains from two last weeks. As for the American WTI it still losing its price, while analysts don’t know whether Trump will cut output as well.

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