Verge (XVG) – Verge is up 16% today as the coin is set to go live on Bitfinex today. The privacy coin has most notably made news as being the first form of cryptocurrency payment integrated on Pornhub. Most considered this a solid and legitimate move for crypto as a whole and will also showcase the coin’s privacy profile on the adult site. One thing that is important to note here: Pornhub chose Verge over Bitcoin, E

Verge (XVG)thereum or any other coin. Figuring out why is an important question.

XVG, a privacy coin uses TOR and User IP Obfuscation, meaning physical location is not exposed, and sets itself apart with the ability to actually deliver on high-quality encryption with a rapid transaction time (30 seconds compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes) and more minted coins in circulation. The coin also employs Wraith Protocol allowing for public or private blockchain transactions. Most importantly, XVG already has a strong community of traders behind it as the coin was not launched by an ICO, but rather through an open-source grassroots movement.

Verge will also be the coin of choice on MindGeek’s – the company that owns Pornhub – two other sites: Brazzers and Natuku. “There are inherent risks associated,” says Pornhub’s Corey Price. “Nonetheless, we are excited to take this next step to keep current with our community’s payment preferences and offer them this viable alternative.” This deal for Verge is huge and basically is a test-run for all of crypto. Essentially, if Pornhub users start to pay with XVG than cryptocurrency payments as a whole would immediately have clout as a legitimate payment platform on the internet’s 32nd biggest site.

Of course, the deal works as both sides like to be anonymous – pornography users and cryptocurrency owners are notoriously private. But, Bottom line, adult sites get billions of unique users, and stigma or not this is big business.

However, Verge as an anonymity-focused coin has its doubters and alVerge (XVG)ready had a hack. The main problem is if you’re using the public blockchain, you are leaving tracks that are completely traceable. Then, in April this was tested as a hacker took 15 million coins to the tune of $780,000 and the team was forced to hard fork.

“Last week Verge Currency stepped into the spotlight of a targeted attack, resulting in a solution which required an intended hard fork to happen at block 2042000,” Krise Chase said in a statement. “The exploit was related to one of the mining algorithms — Scrypt. Within any growing industry, new challenges and issues are often encountered during stages of successful accomplishment, however what separates the weak from the strong is how these are dealt with and how quickly a top priority problem is resolved. When faced with such a challenge, Verge has proven itself to operate and react the way any reliable top contender should. In the past, the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies took weeks to solve their issues (what some would consider a fair amount of time), meanwhile Verge (XVG) solved the entire issue within 72 hours, including prepared updates for the wallets.”

Ethereum and Bitcoin have all been hacked, so the news was not really a surprise. The verge team used the incident to shore up the code and get back to business.

XVG has alluded to integrated deals with a gaming site. Already, Verge is 24th in market cap and 8th in volume over the last 24-hours. On Binance, the volume is up 24% and if more integration deals are in the works for Verge, their anonymity coin could trigger a widescale catalyst in the industry.

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