In the past two months, the performance of ZCash (ZEC) has been better as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. While most of the other cryptocurrencies are stagnating, ZCash has actually gained. One of the key drivers is listing on the Gemini Exchange.  With the increase in the buying orders, the price of the cryptocurrency will increase and this is exactly what is happening in ZCash. Earlier, it was having a pretty small market cap. With the help of this listing, not only the market cap is expanded but the liquidity in ZCash has also expanded.

Another driver is an annoucement that ZEC will be funding a project with KZen Networks to build a crypotgraphic library, which will eventually lead to a multisig construction.

The Bitcoin businesses which have successfully avoided theft have tightly controlled the number of people who have access to the keys. They have relied on the principals of the businesses to be the ultimate gatekeepers, as well as using physical safeguards and key-­splitting techniques to ensure a single person cannot transact on his own. But for larger businesses to embrace Bitcoin, it is not a tenable solution to require the CEO and CFO to be involved in every transaction. Organizations need to be able to define their own internal policies on who can transact, for how much, and with whose approval.

The ZEC Firm continued:

“The goal of this endeavor,” KZen wrote on the firm’s blog, “is to provide a cryptographic library to support threshold key generation and signing in Sapling — something that we believe will seriously improve the way Zcash and all its properties are supported in a wallet.”

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Unlike other coins, ZCash (ZEC) gives users the opportunity to withdraw their funds in private. Bitcoin and other big name coins do not offer this level of privacy and do not seem to be moving in that direction, maybe for fear of regulation. The admin of Zcash maintain that continued upgrades of its protocol will eventually lead to “privacy-by-default” in cryptocurrency transactions.


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